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DECAS is the sound of machines communicating with you. They do so through unsettling, futuristic mannerisms suggesting not utopian but dystopian tomorrows. However, that’s not to say the rewards of the experience are entirely downcast rather they are evocative, painting atmospheres via a uniquely analogue dialogue which also equates to possessing an organic soul. At times there is a loneliness to the instrumentation such as on the opening sequence to Light Glaze, though those first encounters are resolved by the introduction of more welcoming drums and warmer keys. If I’m drawing a bleak picture on the surface that is not a true representation of impressions found below, because while the music touches upon darker moods it is also thought-provoking opening out to wider interpretations, which one would hope is still important to people out there. The following It’s Strange poses the sampled question, what are you trying to do with your life? I don’t know if the answer is located but it is still being asked.

Voices are twisted and de-tuned, synthesizers are exposed and uncomplicated and to the point, drums pulse with an electro flair, all of which fuses together powerfully. The final track, The Twig sounds like a story yearning to be told and its the picturesque, celluloid narrative that is most telling.

Release: October 14

Subexotic Records · Excerpts From DECAS By Salvatore Mercatante
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