SAMUEL ROHRER – Codes Of Nature – Arjunamusic Records

Samuel Rohrer’s continuing journey to the occupying spaces in-between fractures and unspoken corners gathers fresh impetus with this latest collection of works. The drums continue to ignite time signatures, punctuating rhythm, while a connecting impulse of electrical emotion fizzes briskly throughout the narrative of these seemingly surreal landscapes. Again the music fully encompasses a world of sound into its veins transcending boundaries and restrictions provoking a sense of freedom in its wake. However, all of the loud intensity preceding Codes Of Nature is then beautifully resolved arriving at the melodic grace of Fourth Density, signalling an eternity of joyful human possibility. Much like, Talking to Nature Spirits does albeit in much faster succession. The sublime slow burn of Resurrection completes the album moving back and forth across a stereo field of ideas, feeling refreshingly atmospheric as it tunes directly into the soul. That’s not to forget the equally invigorating quality of the other numbers, each playing tellingly with individual integrity in the meantime. Try the experience for yourself, see how it fits.

Release: February 10

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