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Hungry Ghosts immerses you in the language of the past being disconnected. That the future has been plugged into. Yet listening to the albums opening Oxygen Beat feeds the imagination with images of explorations in Jazz and radical electronics, both incidentally from the 1950’s and 60’s, so you can’t help but feel that the music is as much about the ever evolving organic nature of sound itself just as it is about the otherworldly reach of dynamic, synthesized tones.

Proceeded by the wildly calming Body Language whose free-form approach to improvisation perhaps says much more about the creative mind-flow of an artist rather than formal analysis could ever put into words. Much like the following Serotonin does – clues appear to come in the form of names. As you continue along the path you rapidly realise that the impact of the sounds and the way then have been loosely arranged around themes has produced something quite extraordinary. Cosmic in the way it is mind-expanding, vigorous in the way it stretches out time to realise resilient atmospheric consequences, there is a robust elegance to be discovered at every turn.

Sometimes edges are torn such as on the explosive Human Regression, at others they are glued back together again as Ceremonism sequences pulses of exaltation via a series of repeating arpeggios. Perhaps, Hungry Ghosts is about snapshots of independent thoughts alongside the rhythms of life’s conflicting motions revealing themselves. You only have to witness Samuel Rohrer playing drums to see it written large across his face. Either way this is resolutely strange, remarkable and utterly compelling series of musical pieces for equal parts: mind, body, soul.

Release: September 23

ARJUNAMUSIC RECORDS · Samuel Rohrer_Oxygen Beat_from the album_HUNGRY GHOSTS (2022)

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