Scoper & Bubba – Touch Me – Extended Play

In one way this isn’t anything to do with Disco, Boogie or whichever retrograde label you would like to apply at the time. It feels much more about the here and now despite the fact that you know exactly where its essence is ripped from. Perhaps best to put it this way, the clue is contained in the title. But projecting beyond that is revealed a wonderful, emotionally resonating number which sequences soulfully assuring keys while offsetting them by tastefully crunchy drums and sizzling, punctuating rim shots on the title track. Jordan then gets down to the eighties with bouncing basslines fuelling electro beats on his no questions need to be asked ‘let’s party’ remix. Don’t You Know, is the second track contrasting nicely with the breezier melodies of Touch Me hitting harder, that bit more Acid in attitude. However, for me it’s T-Bone’s remix which packs a sure-fire intensity and when the hi-hats make their presence felt it all makes perfect sense. That plus the caustic ripple of stereo expanding synthesizers and the spirit of Detroit all go to this more than notable proudly celebrating the labels 65th release!

Release: October 2

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