Seefeel – Rupt & Flex 1994 – 96 – Warp

Part of the thing with music is its discovery. Discovering the meaning of sounds that appeal to you at different times and places throughout your time here: happy/sad, forming old or new memory in the wake of its processing. In reflection, and what intrigues me most nowadays is the dislocation of music that doesn’t solely rely upon melody, or indeed traditional instrumentation to transcribe an emotional response – which at the very core is its purpose. However, the timeless will always remain so. The story of Seefeel is an intricate one and this compilation of their albums and forward-thinking ideas for both Warp and Rephlex between 1994-1996 retell it without a shadow of doubt. Additional notes and artwork are also included to enhance the experience as is unreleased material as a bonus. It’s the mood enhancing, grainy atmospheres that resonate across a lot of these pieces which appeal most for me, although of course other textures are explored from the darkly haunting tones of Monastic to unfolding serenity such as highlighted by Burned. Rupt & Flex is not so much a case of something for everyone but there is equally something wonderful to be discovered for someone, as the mystery of imagination and how it corresponds to the equation of noise is brilliantly illuminated here. The excellent Autechre remix of Spangle makes its presence felt too transporting time from then to now, capturing the eloquence of a future tomorrow while absorbing our most difficult recent past.

Release: May 14

Warp Records · Seefeel – Spangle (Autechre Remix)
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