Shall Ocin (Culprit/ Leftroom) Q&A

Your latest single: Conception (Single of the Week at DMC magazine) is your second release for Culprit. How did your relationship with the label happen?

shall1The guys from Culprit heard some tracks that I sent in 2011 to Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom) and really liked them , then they contacted me and of course I loved the idea of working with them.

Can you talk us through how you created the title track? Any particular favourite pieces of software/ hardware that you used in the process?

My work platform is Ableton Live, I Use Reaktor instruments and effects (NI) combined with Universal Audio (UAD). I use Korg MS20 Hardware.

You are originally from Argentina and are now based in Barcelona. Can you tell us about where you first started to DJ and about what the scene is like in Barcelona?

I started as a hobby in 1998 playing at private parties in my city Cordoba, Argentina and in 2001 I started to take it more seriously. Regarding Barcelona I think the scene is growing exponentially, there are many festivals, very good quality ones and every day there are more DJs and producers who decide to move there.

How would you describe your style of DJ’ing?

I think I ‘m a pretty versatile DJ, I like to combine the styles within the same set, I like to tell different stories in the same night…

Which artists have influenced you most, either Dance or non-Dance music?

shall2Speak of greater influence is quite difficult for me cause so many things in life could influence, for example: the place you were born in my case in Argentina I heard a lot of music my parents used to hear, music that are in the streets… everywhere. Being objective I can say Aphex Twin, James Holden, Maetrik, Roni Size, Anthony Rother, Laurent Garnier, Nine Inch Nails but there are many more for sure…

Same with the non – electronic music, from Mr. Bungle to Victor Wooten…

What plans do you have for 2014?

My wish is to spend many hours in the studio, I am preparing some surprises for 2014.

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