Shaun Reeves – The Eye That Sees Us All – Visionquest

The Eye That Sees Us All has appeared at precisely the right moment. Free from restrictions, open to all interpretations this collection of intriguing, imaginative sounds is a positive feast of stimulating aural pleasure much as the title track demonstrates via shivering voices, stripped back drum-machines alongside a wealth of finely tuned atmospheric tones and noises. The rigorous, impassioned rhythms of Lucy Sky Diamond follows with deep pulsing stabs amid defiant electrical swirls pursuing the notion that music can be eloquently emotional at the same time as being creative and forward-thinking. The brisk dancefloor tempo of Arethusa is next, leaving the more twisted electro elements of Temple Day to do just that. The deep bass punctuating Clair de Lune feels compelling as do the assorted expansions of tripped out sounds which play with rhythm and possibility in neat, equal measure. So by the time the exceptional final number, Tropik Sadness feat. Falco Nero hits all things are suitably bent in and out of shape as percussive intensity along with the knowing pleasure of echoed expanse collectively speaks volumes about this excellent debut album from Shaun Reeves.

Release: July 23

Shaun Reeves · Lucy Sky Diamond
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