Shinedoe (Intacto Records) Q&A

shinedoe by Jos Kottmann1) Your excellent new album is called Illogical Directions. What is the idea behind the title?

Thanks. The idea is not to be stuck in one sound, to be free in everything I feel to produce.
To let it come from inside instead of what is expected from the outside, in your head or in a certain format.
Illogical Directions album is for me a creation from deep inside.  It has its own vibe, different from the past 2 albums.

2) Can you talk us through the inspiration and then production process of one of your favourite tracks from the album?

All the tracks are my favorite, each track has an different difficult to choose.
For example the track from Karin Dreijer, was inspired by a restless night.. you can hear the bass taking over, not a typical easy going bass. After finishing the instrumental track I felt there needed to be a voice and thought about Karin’s beautiful voice on The Knife’s tracks.
Karin Dreijer heard the track and loved it, we had chemistry and My New Discourse was born.

3) How important is it for you to retain your own identity musically rather than being categorised as just being one style?

Very important, I have noticed.. people like to categorize, to put you in a box. Or you with this sound or not..or if you make this sound.. you must be all about this sound…
I’ve never been about that, always like to play and produce in a variety of ways.  When I produce, it’s the mood, periods in my life, experiences, how I feel and the inspiration I get from God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it.

4) You reference many different influences on the album can you tell us about some of the most important ones to you?

All the different influences are there because I love different kinds of music from ambient, hiphop, soul, pop whatever touches my heart.
So I don’t have one particular point of reference, but I was brought up with 80s, Jazz, African music, rock, pop and more..
The music most important to me is always music from the heart, no labelling.

5) You DJ in lots of different countries, do you feel Dance music is in a good place right now compared to when you first started?

Wow difficult question.

I feel it is in a good place, you have so many different kinds of dance music. So I think everybody can enjoy Dance Music. If you’re not into techno you can dance to House or other way around, or something else. Dance music is dynamic and evolves in different ways..interesting to see and hear where it’s going.
When I started around 1995, it was easy going, parties were happening, but not on a big scale and as professionally driven as now.
Dance music has exploded and that’s a good thing as long as it is about the music.
Once it gets too much about business, I feel it loses soul.. I still meet promoters who are so happy to be organizing parties and keeping it fresh, even if they’ve done it more than 100 times.

In terms of producing, there’s a lot of new music out there.. So with this volume, it doesn’t mean it’s always good quality.

6) What are the plans for your label Intacto Records?

This year Intacto Records is 10 Years old. We are really happy about this.
So the Tour will kick off in September, with artist like Ray Kaijoka, Lee van Dowski, 2000 and One and many more.
Already confirmed is Beats and Boats in Berlin, Outdoor Festival Munich and Rave On Snow..

Shinedoe by Jos Kottmann_color7) Where can people get to hear you Dj this summer?

31 May, I have album tour in Canvas/Doka in Amsterdam, Switzerland, Berlin, France, Barcelona, Spain.

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