Sid Le Rock – Scenic Route – hafendisko

Six years may seem like a long time to wait, and it is, but here we are with the launch of Sid Le Rock’s beautifully realised new album: Scenic Route. What strikes you instantly is the playful sense of fun that the tracks are infused with, as in it sounds like this was a pleasure to create and then to record for the artist. Accompanied by the excellent singles Slowpoke and Hiraeth the album is an exploration of simmering electronics which at times feels deftly funky, at others probing questioning the nature of things, such as on Morgenfrisk. The brilliantly titled, Mud Puppy is one of the more introspective, deeper tracks which provides a neat contrast as part of the listening experience. Then there’s the punchy Acid of Eggo, or the breezy melodies of First Kiss (Vanilla Edit) to choose from too. With an expanded running time of sixty minutes it’s fair to say that all corners of sonic pleasure are tested and in turn this fifth album is a very welcome addition to the number.

Release: April 26

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