Simon McCorry – I the Storm – See Blue Audio

Entering Simon McCorry’s world of sound is much like entering a series of different rooms where each contains its own suggestion. This latest collection of works for the esteemed See Blue Audio has the artist explore the aftereffects of serious challenges which life can so easily throw in your direction, knocking you off-center, lending each number a defining depth of poignant purpose. Consequently there is a close to the edge sensation evolving around listening to Misericordia, which is almost too uncomfortable to hear, in the way that only great art can definitively capture as cello’s loop into an endless distance while the grip on comfort slips away. A composition of a lost soul, found reassembled elsewhere.

You could say much the same of These Scalding Tears. But by the time The Ever-Evolving Reflecting Mirror signals the completion of the album there are searing hints of positive outcomes informing the trials and tribulations of life crumbling experiences, adding a warmth touch of humanity that in the end soothes and reassures the passage of time.

Release: September 22

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