Simon McCorry – The Illusion of Beginnings and Endings – White Lab Recs

Sometimes descriptions can freeze the imagination locking you into cliques about response. Sometimes music means much more than just words when the music does not have words. Sometimes music doesn’t merit any at all. There are all sorts of words to describe Simon McCorry’s search for meaning through sound graphically tying together the emotional expanse of the human condition as viewed from the musician’s perspective. Like grains of black and white memory the depth of time is catalogued, referencing points of past brilliance while hauntingly incorporating them into the artist’s fertile landscape of danger and probability. There are hints of contrast too. Trying to celebrate a new-born release of joy for life, though the treatments given to the compositions often suggest an unease to the refrain as if something has remained stuck, or become unwound, or dislocated. The Illusion of Beginnings and Endings is perhaps brutally refreshing, captivating in sincere ways that challenge the listener to brush aside expectation. Perhaps it is none of those things as music is only truly open to your own interpretation.

Release: November 13

Whitelabrecs · wlr103 Simon McCorry – The Illusion of Endings & Beginnings
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