Slow Clinic – Over and Over Until We Forget Where We Were – Courier Sound

By pressing play you are greeted with a feeling of reminiscence as the sound of guitar has been treated to exhilarating, reflective proportions by James Edward Armstrong across twelve eventful sequences. Free from the constraints of words other worlds are free to be imagined in their wake. Although, observations such as melancholy and introspective do float across the horizon in captivating waves of intriguing sounds, compelling activation of memory and expectation. At times you are drawn in by the heavy undercurrent present in certain numbers like Groan, while left to join the contrast of more celebratory tones on Flickering Before Departure. All of which proves to be a fascinating, revealing exploration of timely fractures and disparate emotion likewise signified by Matt Atkins impressionistic cover art.

Release: December 7


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