Solomun interview (Diynamic Neon Nights @ Sankeys Ibiza every Tuesday from 10 July)

Diynamic contains the letters D.I.Y.  What is your personal/musical philosophy and who are the people that have inspired it?

Do it yourself is still the philosophy behind everything. Every decision you make is part of your personality and taste, from me or my crew.

Can you tell us about the idea behind the new compilation: Five years of Diynamic and about the charity set to benefit from it?

The idea behind the charity compilation is to give something back. We have been supported by people since the very start and now we think it was time to give something back by donating all the benefits to Kinderhospiz Sternenbrücke, who take care of children who are suffering due to incurable diseases.

What software/ hardware do you like to use when producing music. Are there any favourite instruments you use?

I still use logic 7.3 as a working tool. The most important thing is that you’re familiar with any tools you use. There is lots of good stuff, it doesn’t matter if it’s software or hardware.
For me, the last remix I finished is for Luca C & Brigante feat Roisin Murphy, which you will hear soon: I found a great baseline sound on my Nord Stage keyboard. It was elemental part of the track. Besides that I’m very happy about my barefoot speakers.

Can you tell us about how your club Ego is going, and is the scene in Hamburg healthy in 2012?

Ego is going pretty well. Summer season is always difficult for a nightclub, but here in Hamburg we don’t have a great summer, so it’s going pretty well.

What do you use to DJ with? What for you makes a good DJ?

 A good DJ is not about the beat matching or adding FX. It’s all about the selection and order of tracks.

What would say are the positive/ negative aspects to Dance culture today?

First of all, we have a dance culture almost everywhere which I find is very positive. I think that our existing dance culture is very unforced. When visiting a club with good House music you can really let yourself go and nobody will blame you for that. Unfortunately it has become much harder to go for it and organize events, because everything has to pass these strict rules and laws.

Outside of dance music who do you listen to?

Currently nothing. But when I’m driving I like to listen to classic radio.

Solomun plays Diynamic Neon Nights @ Sankeys Ibiza every Tuesday from 10 July to 11 September. Solomun’s ‘Watergate 11′ is out now. ‘5 Years of Diynamic’ is out on July 16.

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