Soul Clap – fabric93 – Fabric

Dedicated to the memory of Derren Smart whose voice you hear first as this mix from Soul Clap not so gently unfolds. And of course it’s all rather wonderful. Full of spiritual awakenings, funky life-affirming grooves alongside some glorious celebratory vocals. Not only featuring their own labels sounds along with its extended family of artists the selections also highlight the depth and resolution of both influences plus experiences which feed their music. As I said it’s life-affirming. What works for me here as an aside is that while the music is rich in the past it never feels like just a direct copy of history, or indeed that the past has simply been re-edited and altered. It feels true and intensely purposeful. And at no point will your hips stop moving! Also rarely these days do you get such a wide range of styles under the one banner as you will hear soulfully charged House sounds segueing neatly into hot Disco flavours and even some grittier, electric moments. In one word then: Excellent.

Release: April 21


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