Soul On Fire – The Detroit Soul Story 1957-77 – Soul Time

Too hot to handle? At a total of 86 soul-soaring tracks this is almost too much to get a handle on. But that breathless feeling soon equates to inspiration plus good times galore. Detailing the electrifying era between 1957 to 1977 the story begins with the Rhythm &Blues/ Rock’n’Roll strains of The Falcons delirious ‘Sent Up’ and then proceeds to highlight the various soulful leanings, tempo’s and harmonies all employed by a dizzying array of groups from that period, initially pre-dating and then running along the same timeline as Talma Motown. Revealingly this plays as the other side to Detroit’s more readily familiar story to explore a stunning selection of music, which for those who like to study the development of such things, excitingly evolved while retaining that all essential element: Soul. Very much evident across the breadth of CD two ending suitably on the Just Brothers beautifully voiced, resolutely hopeful – Things Will Be Better Tomorrow, from 1967. The Wigan Casino ‘oldie’ Can’t Turn Around by Fork In The Road features on the third CD as the music proceeds to traverse those sights and sounds that came to typify the Northern Soul scene’s succinct, crisp story telling. While the third disc ends on the Edwin Starr penned and most joyous, Oh How Happy covered by Shades Of Blue. Soul On Fire secures an exemplary, trip down memory lane which at the very least provides a timely education in Detroit’s rich and most varied musical past. One that unquestionably helped lay the initial foundations of what eventually became today’s Dance Music – though you might not quite believe it!

Release: November 24

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