Soundwalk Collective – With Charlotte Gainsbourg, featuring Atom™, Lyra Pramuk, Paul B. Preciado and Willem Dafoe – LOVOTIC – Analogue Foundation

Conceived by Stephan Crasneanscki whose driving force of imagination proves there is much more to be found in sound than the endless repeating formulas of R&B’s yesteryear. This is a much about dislocation is it’s about the symmetry of togetherness – fracture and recoupling.

Provoking all five senses alongside memory and the distant stretch of time the music’s primary function is to create a landscape of sound to enhance the words as they fracture and reconfigure. At times feeling eerie, at others life assuring reaching out to futures lost and found. It is also a story about the intersection between what it is to be human and likewise machine regarding thoughts of intimacy. So it will never feel quite normal.

This is an evocative work requiring your full attention, perhaps at times a little too mechanical/ robotic but at others searingly, emotional and organic. Maybe that’s precisely the point. The Age Of Mutation, Empower And Enhance alongside Reverse Discourse and the title track Lovotic [w/ Charlotte Gainsbourg, feat. Willem Dafoe & AtomTM] enviably standout for me.

Release: April 1

Soundwalk Collective · Empower And Enhance [w/ Charlotte Gainsbourg, feat. Lyra Pramuk]

Soundwalk Collective · Lovotic [w/ Charlotte Gainsbourg, feat. Willem Dafoe & AtomTM]
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