Spaniol – Suites do Amar EP – The Gardens of Babylon Records

Spaniol’s ever evolving, mesmerising sounds converse with the world outside of themselves in an array of consciousness-expanding brilliance. Reaching the global language of emotionally charged and forward-thinking music each of the six tracks comprising this excellent release do so while never forgetting their musical roots resonating throughout. From the carefully crafted percussion fuelled São Pedro, along with the chimes and smouldering voice igniting the senses on Amar:Perdão, you get the reoccurring feeling of commitment to the Art. The punchy Jazz of Lundu De Santa Maria Da Tempestade is certainly captivating as are the vigorous rhythms employed by Algernoia Brasiliensis. Nina provides a warm rush of inviting melody in amongst its more playful grooves, while the twisted brass and organ pulses of Papaya Azul all prove the point in more ways than one.

Release: January 29


Spaniol · TGOB – Suites do Amar – LP
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