Spatial Awareness – From Hell It Came – Interzone Music Club

I wanted to say that this record is in ways as explosive as Phuture’s Acid Tracks. Bold I know but maybe that’s just how this sounds to me thirty plus years later. I guess with concentrating so much on nostalgia these days perhaps clouded judgements can overlook what’s happening excitedly in 2018. However, this energy propelled production sounds just as hot-wired into the mainframe of history as the aforementioned felt futuristic back then. Its temptingly sleazy array of fast and loose synthesisers drive the Acid fuelled basslines into frenzy, while the beats feel pure and simple. The remix comes from label cohort Pete Dorling who injects a hurried melody into the arrangement, compounded with alternative drum brakes plus plenty of sass. Interzone Music Club’s co-founder and artist in question, Spatial Awareness then delivers another development of the theme on their complimenting Alt Version. Essential House Music.

Release: April 13

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