Spencer Parker – Different Shapes And Sizes Remix EP01 – Work Them Records

The energy levels remain heightened as this latest release from Spencer Parker sees last year’s robust productions get remixed for 2018. Shape Fascination, is recrafted care of DJ Deep who places the emphasis on grittier drums plus the eventual glow of contrasting electric keys lending its texture a refreshed angle. An excellent Dub of the same follows taking it deeper accentuating echoes and adding more playful instrumentation. The Setaoc Mass Remix then proceeds to hit hard and heavy employing the title Techno in bold stark letters. Which almost surprisingly has Akirahawks rework Riff Shapes in Hi-Energy fashion with hip-shaking syncopated bass and electro Toms punctuating the arrangement, along-side a sometimes awkward fusion of sparkling eighties styled piano.

Release: January 26

Listen/ buy https://www.decks.de/track/spencer_parker-different_shapes_and_sizes_remix_ep/cbp-td

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