Spindle Ensemble – Inkling – Hidden Notes Records

The web of historical influences weaving their indelible imprint across what in turn the exhilarating and most wonderful Spindle Ensemble make all their own is nothing short of a joy to behold. But make no mistake the creative pulse coursing throughout Inkling is so very 21st century, flickering with an abundance of light, that it feels almost revolutionary in itself escaping into a carefree future of ideas and probabilities. Call it Classical or otherwise but this imaginatively assembled collection of notes and emotions is never less then eloquent as Daniel Inzani, Harriet Riley, Jo Silverston and Caelia Lunniss demonstrate so readily care of the air of definite ease. Although, it’s perhaps a disservice to even mention the word classical in all this as the continued play of the album also unearths fields of cinema, hints of minimalist repetition alongside the intoxicating beauty of romantic excess, all under the cover of loud and quiet motion. The ways in which moods lift and fall is breath-taking like the way sounds caress the images and memories forming in the mind. This then is about music to accompany thoughts as they traverse journeys of the imagination, just as it is to quench the soul revitalising each drop. Music highlighting quality and distinction telling its own unique story can be hard to find in modern times but the rich breath of delicate refrain, plus the occasional rush of daring intensity, leaves you all at once excited by the prospect while feeling strummed by heartstrings.

Release: May 27
Buy https://spindleensemble.bandcamp.com/album/inkling

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