Staniz (Abstract Sounds) Q&A

Welcome to Magazine Sixty, Staniz. What inspired you to set up your own sample pack label Abstract Sounds? What do you think makes it unique given the vast amount of others on the market?

When I decided to open Abstract Sounds, I thought I wanted to become a symbolic label for a musical genre whose world of samples was not well supplied from this point of view. I really love creating sounds, reworking, sampling etc I am very experimental that’s why I decided to open my own sample label. The uniqueness of the label depends above all on who manages it and what the label is about. In addition to being an exclusive label of Loopmasters, this is already an additional plus, and the whole community of our fans knows how much time we dedicate to them to help them in every way possible in facilitating the most difficult processes of production.

Can you also tell us about why you decided to set up your own record label? Which elements make a great piece of music for you?

The labels as mentioned in the previous question, were born mainly for a purpose. Then it also evolved into a music label when I decided not to release my tracks as an independent anymore but through my own label. One of the elements that cannot be missing in my tracks is a long, deep and warm pad.

Abstract Sounds · Nerve Maze, Staniz – ASV002 [VINYL ONLY]

You have just released ASV002 with tracks from both yourself and Nerve Maze. I thought Abstract 7 was a particularly wonderful piece of music. Can you talk us through how you created and produced it? Do you have any favourite pieces of software/ hardware you like to use when making music?

Let’s start by saying that since the pandemic arrived I have hunted a few but very significant tracks on a personal and sentimental level, Salerno a track that tells the place where Staniz lived and grew up on a musical level. Venice is my favourite city for its culture and tradition. Then we have Stop a track that was created to fight against anything negative in the world, from war to discrimination to everything. And finally, we have February an important month for me. After doing this intro I start by saying after these 4 tracks were released in 2020 and 2021, I started not making music anymore to reflect on what I really wanted to release as something new. And so when I decided to do Abstract 7 I always saw it as a particular track, to listen to, to dance to, to love. It is an emotion, it is not a trace for me. One of the software that I love and use is Ciemno.

Growing up can you tell us about the musical influences (artists) that helped shape what you do now?

My favourite artists since I was little have been Daft Punk, they still are and always will be. But growing up I started listening to everything from classic to rock to Jazz to Techno. I have many artists who have influenced me but let’s say that Daft Punk with all their albums can contain many things.

Where did you learn about music production? What would be the key piece of advice you would give to someone staring out?

My desire to make music comes when I discover the duo of French robots. Since I saw for the first time one of them saw and heard their music I was bewitched. I am self-taught, I studied music than when I started to grow up, but the most solid part comes from my desire to do, let’s say from believing in what I was doing.

How do you see the future for musicians and how they will be able to sustain a living from making music (also in terms of streaming and so on)?

Well, in my opinion, music needs to revise its values a bit. I am against some platforms that violate the morality that music was born for. So that making music today is simple, the difference lies in the feeling that is instilled within it.

Most of your releases do not include vocals. What are your thoughts on the use of songs in Dance Music?

I am a lover of songs with the voice, but my philosophy thinks that a track without the voice if done well is like a painting, not everyone can decipher it correctly, with the addition of the voice, this passage fails.

And finally. What plans do you have moving into 2022 both for yourself as an artist and for the label?

Bianchi. Check this 🙂

Nerve Maze, Staniz – ASV002 – Abstract Sounds is released May 5

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