Stefan Węgłowski – Smooth Inertia – Glacial Movements

Reaching 50 is always an achievement. Reflecting this point are the immersive, moments sequenced by this album from Stefan Węgłowski who transports the mind of the listener from A to B while in-between times exploring shades of awareness around the soul. As with all of the music released by Glacial Movements the sounds propose thinking about things. Where that may take you is up to the individual, although there’s something about the connection of human consciousness here that would suggest a lot of us may be drawn to certain common themes. That aside the music is as much about calm and serenity as it is about memories i.e. Ray Of Light. There proves to be something equally exciting/ beautiful about the way Anna Figurska’s voice is utilised within Time Bring Relief. And so on. Again each of the pieces are like leaves in a book, a story unfolding of an experience lived and relived.

Release: April 21

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