Steve Bug – Never Ending Winding Roads – Poker Flat Recordings

Dance Music is as much a celebration of rhythm as it is about a host of other definitions from independence of thought and expression to striving for electronic innovation and the fulfilment of history. The unwelcome yet potentially freeing aspect of not having dancefloors to define what you do always was going to ask questions in terms of artistic possibility, while not being tied to arrangements most suited to that particular pleasure. Steve Bug’s latest album criss-crosses styles, discarding the restriction of genre boundaries, resulting in a set of music which dances, teases and plays with sound. From the twisted techno of the opening Ludic Loops to the proceeding electro flair of A Conscious Machine to the warmer, deeper pulse of The Clock Is Ticking the album is very much about exploration – hence the choice of title at a guess. Subsequently, Hijacked Minds has the feel of early eighties electronica while The Awakening pulses with soulful introspection. The chime of melody inspires the final number Upon Mountains containing its message of hope for the future, a prayer free from restriction.

Release: November 13


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