Steve Hadfield – Displacement Activity Vol. 1 – See Blue Audio

Beginning this latest collection of pieces from Steve Hadfield is the blistering uncertainty generated by The Sunlight. Residing in grainy tension this exploration of mood tears at the edges of emotion as shimmering Sitar sounds collide gracefully against whirring synthesizers. And so that very clash of ideas, influences and more continue to pursue their objective. Not so much ambience but a series of unfolding suggestions pulsing with imagination, resulting in cause and effect – sometimes dark, sometimes light. The simpler numbers such as the piano adorned Space work wonderfully well, while the following Reflections escapes into a world of feeling as treated orchestral notes and natural intonations sync together in perfect harmony. The choral harmonies of Middle Distance complete the journey via fuzzy intensity which fades off into the distance as memories are touched upon and then exploited passionately.

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