Steve Hadfield – See the World Anew Vol. 2 – See Blue Audio

Apart from love and hate what else is permanent in our throwaway culture. If you were to ask me I would have to say music, but then I am biased in that direction. It will also come as no surprise that I’m reviewing this latest work from Steve Hadfield who I have an ever increasing affection for. His music occupies the intersection of the world surrounding us, probing at the seemingly random sequence of events with a quiet unease, or a readymade certainty – take your pick.

In lots of ways this is a most strange album that ties together dark, smouldering melodies along with yearning memories which you hear echoed in a child’s voice or via the heartstrings pulled as notes tell their own unsettled stories. Perhaps it’s that anxiety which reflects the world so well that becomes so apparent. The final number, The Dead Whale is as good a place as any to highlight the contrasts inherent within this brilliant music, like a rousing church.

Art is political.

Release: July 8

See Blue Audio · ‘See the World Anew Vol. 2’ (preview) – Steve Hadfield (See Blue Audio SBA #037)
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