Steve Kelley interview (Celestial Recordings)

 Celestial Recordings: Where did the name come from, what was the inspiration behind setting up the label and when did you launch it?

Celestial Recordings was launched June 2010.  The strategy was to release a weekly single and featured compilations.  The name came about after being inspired by Luciano’s album with a track on their called Celestial.  Thought it was a great name for a label and brand.  Inspiration came about as a result with hooking up with Jim Shaft Ryan from a recent booking and we got talking about setting up a label.

 The label covers a range of styles so what makes a good Celestial release?

Solid House Music with a feeling.  We don’t want to be categorized by narrow genres, we both have a broad interest in all sorts of House Music.

 What is your opinion on the digital vs. vinyl debate?

Both from a vinyl era of Dj’ing and still enjoy playing vinyl to date.  We realized that the digital platform allows more choice but we are now intending to start releasing special editions of vinyl as we are in discussing with vinyl distributions presently.

How do you approach production/ Dj’ing: any particular favourite pieces of equipment for either?

Production wise Cubase, Logic and Ableton.  For dj’ing I use Traktor Scratch either with time coding CD’s or Vinyl, which is great for travelling on gigs.

You have just reworked Massive Attack, Unfinished Sympathy: why this particular track, and how do you feel about song writing today?

One of my all-time favourites tracks. I feel that there is a big opportunity for real song writing to find its way back into House Music.

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