Stro Elliot – La Villa – Def Pressé Editions

It’s also the ability of music to lift and transform mood which is yet another fascinating, invaluable asset in the artistic canon. Maybe it should be prescribed. That’s the thing I love about this album’s opening shot, Mondays’ Generation as it sings and dances, celebrating, confirming. Then you listen to the piano adorning HHOT and it seems things can only get better, that good times are in within reach. Maybe this funky strut might help inform the way.

And so the album continues to breeze through moods, passing through sunlight avenues into the cool dusk of beyond. La Villa is after all simply a pleasure to listen to, to experience. It’s as uncomplicated as that. Yes it’s full of deeper understanding but that is up to you to translate as the instrumentals populating this long player cruise the highways of imagination, each number suggesting a different twist and turn on life. Then you notice something jump out at you like the drum machine adding mechanical compassion at the end of Lonely and it’s also those particular moments of fine tuning which add perfection to the overall construction.

Towards closing Riot turns matters upside down with incendiary party precision. However, it is the final track, Dream Factory that really gets under the skin. As indeed do all of those atmospheric pieces which feel like endlessly drifting towards a new dawn, holding a uniquely magic spell to communicate to the heart and soul.

Release: November 17

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