Sven Weisemann – Bilateral Relations EP – Echocord

Depending primarily on what kind of mood you find yourself in. May mean that this set of four tracks will plug you straight into somewhere else entirely. Escapist, playful, imaginative are all words that trip easily off the tongue to describe Sven Weisemann’s picturesque, thought-provoking productions beginning with the open-ended Lunation. The title track then proceeds with four on the floor drums but again with an adventurous sense of time and space, plus a heavy hint of reverberation. Next, Monistic beaks it all down to bare essentials hinted at by uncomplicated percussion and accompanied by informed, synthesized ambience. Leaving the Valve tR9 Mix of Decimation to serve up fizzy rhythms and expanding atmosphere’s care of fierce, fiery stabs.

Release: September 8


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