Synth-O-Ven – A New Day EP – Just Move Records

While A New Day may remind you of hazy nights lost sometime in the mid-nineties its impact is purely 2022 (plus). First off the kick is a thing of smouldering beauty, which in itself transports you to other places, add to that soulfully charged keys, propulsive bass, vocals hinting at meaningful melody and you will find yourself at a emotionally satisfying location. Thorne Miller supplies the remix giving it all a cool, deeper slant. Next, Lotus compliments care off smooth Rhodes reflections, while The Rhodes Again does as the title says washing over you in a sea dancing chords. Leaving the irresistible rhythms of Untitled with Zulu^Yasabeka to end on a disco flavoured high, albeit a tastefully subtle one.

Release: September 30

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