System2 (Underground Audio/System2) Q&A

System2Who are System2?

Two guys from Manchester who have been around the industry for a good 10 years.  Launching a new alias but without giving away too much on who they were previous. The mystery suits us.

Your first release: Waxing Egos EP was just released on Underground Audio with your next release: Smoke & Mirrors EP appearing on your own label soon. What made you decide to set up your own label and how have you found the process?

We aren’t cutting any corners with the label.  Going out on both formats & putting money into artwork & good PR.  We have had a bit of a break from the industry from a different project have ended up with over 30 tracks ready for System2.  Starting up a label seemed like a logical way to get our music out there rather than wait around for feedback from the others.  We are still gonna be signing stuff with other labels but this seems a good way to get the ball rolling for us in our new venture.

Smoke & Mirrors is based around some seriously funky breaks. Where did you get your inspiration from for the track and can you talk us through how you produced it?

It’s very much a funk soul inspired track.  James Brown esk.  There is a small sample of him in there as you might here.  We have rolling kicks as the bass in the tracks. No official bass vst was used, just kicks.

sysliveWhere can people get to hear you play?

Coming up we have gigs at Dry Live in Manchester (March 22), HAUS in Liverpool (March 29), Gorilla in Manchester (April 12) we are hosting this party with Paranoid London & Hanfry Martinez.  We should have a gig in Northampton confirmed in the next few days for March 28, it’s just going through the last stages now.

How would you describe the scene in Manchester at the moment?

Healthy with lots of competition.  You have the big venues like WHP, Victoria Works, Sankeys, Albert Hall.  Then Gorilla, South, Joshua Brooks, Dry Live. Some wicked venues all hosting great parties week by week.  It’s tough as a promoter in Manchester at the minute.  Especially if you run something at one of the smaller venues & you come up against a 10 headliner event at WHP or one of the bigger places

Which artists have influenced you most?

We get our influences from a wide range of artists, but I’d say these producers have made in impact on our System2 work – Paranoid London, Apollonia, Marco Carola, John Dimas, Alex Arnout, Wade, Peace Division

What’s next for System2 in 2014?

System2 002 will follow the debut label release & we have John Dimas on board working the remix.  We have stuff signed to Kaluki too.  Got a huge backlog of music & hopefully people will get the chance to hear most of it in 2014.  We expect a busy year with releas

The Smoke & Mirrors EP is released on March 10 on System2’s own self-titled label

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