Kings Of Tomorrow featuring April Morgan – Fire – deepvisionz

That’s the thing about soul music isn’t it? It’s meant to touch those parts of your psyche that other music doesn’t reach out for. Sandy Rivera’s long-standing project has delivered some wonderfully, exceptional pieces of music over the years and this latest number also features the delicious vocals of April Morgan, whose voice adorned the classic Fall For You from 2013. Musically there a no real surprises as its all down the skilful, timeless combination of smooth piano chords accompanied by irresistible swinging rhythms that likewise set the pulses racing.


Sandy Rivera – How I Feel – deepvisionz

Time flies. Or at least it feels that way. Ever since the gorgeous Fall For You hit the airwaves back in 2013 I’ve been waiting for something as perfectly formed to arrive. And once again its April Morgan’s beautiful, heart-warming vocals that set the fires alight, although of course Sandy Rivera’s tastefully crafted beats plus richly, soulful chords are all an essential part of the equation too! Put it this way. You can sense that warm glow of sunshine rising across your face when you listen. It’s good to hear a song like this again.

Release: May 4