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Single of the Week

Terence :Terry: presents
Acid Heroes
La Vie En Rose

tAs a precursor to the forthcoming ‘House Couture’ compilation Terence :Terry: presents three dedications to the sound of Acid House which has so obviously generated a seismic impact on the DJ/ producer. The title track begings the journey by combining taught bass along with punchy machine drums and a voice recalling the 80’s heyday of House. Next, Cliché gets tougher with rolling basslines, insistent hi-hats and hypnotic vocals loops, leaving the gritty undulating funk of Testing The Water to complete this excellent release from the artists own La Vie En Rose.

Ain’t Made 4 U

Pushing forward with their second release this fresh Barcelona imprint employs Tripmastaz trademark sounds for the follow-up. Typically unrelenting the title track soon captures your mind and body care off thumping beats and filtered excess that rapidly taps into your soul. Coupled with the occasional vocal this is both heavy and soulful enough to satisfy most, if not all. Remixes come from Christian Burkhardt & Andre Buljat who tweak the elements into a techier slant, and from HITCH who adds darker atmosphere’s to the arrangement. Second original, Live From The Basement unleashes more powerful beats and perky bass, while this time keeping you waiting across a tension busting seven (plus) minutes.

Release: March 16

Popescu & Santai
Bikini Tracks

If hot beats and smoky rhythms inform your pleasure then this latest from Russian DJ and producer duo, Andrey Popescu & Alexander Santai is most definitely for you. Sparse notes and chords feel emotionally charged on their version leaving the relaxed voice-over plenty of space to breath. Italo Brutalo then supplies an excellent reworking with warmer instrumentation neatly complimenting the original. However, it’s the DJ Linus remix of Charlie that scores big-time by laying down the sort of irresistible grooves that qualify to shake you down along with the killer bass. That, plus an array of FX, sometimes voices and the occasional background atmosphere all combine to give this a deeply satisfying edge.

Release: March 15



Holly Johnson
Follow Your Heart

Be interesting to see how many people will be playing the Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Remix of Holly Johnson ‘Follow Your Heart’ (in light of all the recent name checking R.I.P from people who find his style an irrelevance). It’s not ‘Deep’ or ‘Techno’ just full of their timeless trademark sounds which have echoed across the decades by this duo. From Kupper’s elegant keys to Knuckles soaring soulfulness this may well be the final remix to appear under his name. As you can hear below not a lot has changed but, if it ain’t broke! And needless to say the Instrumental version is also flawless. But back to the actual artist, Holly Johnson who sounds as distinct as ever and it’s always a pleasure to hear him especially with this lush backing.

release: 12” July 21 & download July 27


You’ve got to love the nihilism of the title. Indeed, named after the Bristol/ London club night this is the promoter’s debut release which I have to say is seriously excellent. Another, thankfully, hard to classify track which blends darker, drum fuelled elements together with commanding stabs and blissfully twisted camp spoken vocals. Although, if you can’t take the heat then there is always the Dub version.

release: July 14

For The Ones Gone EP
Bikini Tracks

Gorgeous summer sounds from Skylab that fit neatly in-between Disco and Balearic grooves. Set to a mid-tempo shuffle this meandering keyboard driven rhythm has sunshine written all over it complete with vocal touches and just the right amount of funk to dance to. Club Malibu, is more club orientated with faster beats competing against another 80’s styled sample. Pedro Mercado and Derek D then provide the remix which alters the mood making it all the more intriguing with a moodier arrangement of sounds and low-slung bassline.

release: July