Carlo – Perfect Plan – Classic Music Company

In one sense you already know this record intimately. It bears all the requisite hallmarks of soulful good fortune alongside an affirmation that, despite the sense of underlying heartache, just about everything is going to be alright. Reflecting a distant past the bittersweet melodies featured here are the perfect foil to what’s going on today and served as it is with such resolutely intent drums, robust bass and the swirling sting of strings this proves a perfect storm of sound and imagination.

Release: December 6

carlo Carlo
Azizi EP

It takes a particular quality these days to get you excited about Disco all over again when you hear samples played out over House Beats. And that is exactly what makes this certain release from Carlo so special. The original soulful essence of the originals delivery remain intact while the rhythm section gets a creative injection of contemporary energy care of some rather deft drum programming plus additional instrumentation. Venus 9, is a case in point cleverly reworking a classic bassline over a fresh sprinkle of keys. But that’s not necessarily the EP’s finest moment which for me is, Azizi with its infusion of soulful vocals. Or then again maybe it’s the Jazzy notation of There Is No She which sets the room alight. Take your pick below.