Tour-Maubourg & Christophe Salin – From A Distance EP – Salin Deep

Created by a labour of love this collaboration between the two artists pays out dividends marking the debut release of the sublabel via its heavy-duty blend of tough beats, basslines and an expanse of playful Dub sensibilities. Opening with the cutting edge driving the excellent Entropy it is all about forceful rhythm and the message contained within the voice. Next the rainfall that greets you on Autumn Leaves sets the scene for deeper explorations of subject matter that are both meaningful and resolutely jazzy. Love Don’t Live then fires up the familiar vocal plus a cross section of rumbling low-end combined with a string of more delicate melodies, leaving the epic of tones of Doldrums to surpass the need for emotional release as an intense injection of electricity sets pulses racing until the final moments.

Every Record Sleeve is handprinted by Daria Salin (limited edition of 300).

Release: September 3


Sable Blanc – Have Faith In People – Salin Records

It’s always such a pleasure to hear music like this as it celebrates not only the occasion but also a sense of joy. The opening track, the breezy Jazz tones of Amour Girls are underpinned by energetic breakbeats plus the fiery fury of undulating Acid and are all at once rather wonderful. The remix by Christophe Salin adds the pulse of dancefloor urgency while keeping the essence true, contrasting the mood with tough beats and probing bass. Just Goodbye is next and caresses the word disco as soulful vibes are explored, with the more introspective Les Hirondelles De Mai complimenting notably. The twist of drums then informs the final number, Easy Living as low-slung elements get criss-crossed through the vision of night-time to complete.

Release: September 18