Re.You – Lifting Me EP – connected

Another label to complete the year with further highs sees the brilliant Re.You supply connected with innovative, forward pushing ideas which cumulate into the stunning Lifting Me. Driven by tough, vigorous percussion and moody intonations – both vocal and synthesised – this feels certainly typically special. Next, Calisi revisits Chicago as hot basslines along with caustic keys rework the concept in truly funky directions, while more percussion is heaped upon the closing Calisi with excitable electronic sequences hotly contesting the spaces in-between. Looking forward to 2019.

Release: December 14


Aaaron, Deckert and Valentine Romanski – Moon EP – connected

Another excellent release from connected this time sees the tantalising, breathy delight of Valentine Romanski’s voice ignite the darkly, seductive, smouldering grooves on Prologue (Don’t Panic) which begins. Moon continues the thought as punctuating drum machines underpin a fuller vocal against an array of atmospheric electronics. Energy levels then rise on Point Of No Return which boasts more robust rhythms plus a rugged bassline, all the while offset by more wonderfully emotive vocal lines.

Release: June 22


David Mayer & Floyd Lavine – Sondela EP – connected

Easing a steady stream of consciousness unto the airwaves connected have been releasing an increasingly fine body of work that lands here and now with Sondela. The original version punches tribal beats across a dark, brooding bass which works a treat in addition to Xolisa’s heart-warming, atmospheric vocal delivery. An Instrumental is also on hand, as is the excellent Floyd Lavine Drumversion both of which highlight and then fuel all that beautiful, richly deserved percussion. Second number, XI continues the theme of illuminating drums this time round with futuristic synthesisers weaving throughout.

Release: May 11



Re.You – Without You EP – connected

The word you’re looking for here is, excellent. The words plural to describe this latest from connected are building, tension, beautiful, harmonious, and challenging. Re.You surpasses himself with Without You feeling uniquely important as a standalone piece of music that utilises the power of repetition as a force, combining voice and drums to devastating effect. Next, Too Much sees Marius Maier alongside Soheil deliver addictive, smoking, tribal infused rhythms which feel Dub-like yet powerfully pointed.

Release: April 6


David Mayer – Drained EP – connected

Cool yet fiery percussion creates an abundance of smoky rhythms that are all at once hard to resist on this vibrant, funky yet almost understated number. That plus Sooma’s deadpan though highly expressive vocal delivery soon lift the arrangement into somewhere else as probing synth hits add tension and colour to the music on the standout title track. Second track, Movement then fuels the fire with more sassy, engaging drums working the tempo alongside an abundance of intriguing keys to punctuate the beats. However, by the second listen of both the word excellent might be employed.

Release: September 15