Various Artists – Freq Traxx Vol. 2 – Superfreq

Of course this is good. But then Superfreq never fails to present itself in anything less than the most positive light, which in this case, casts a gaze across the four excellent tracks making up Vol.2. Opening with Tenampa’s Gabriel I and Italian producer Rawbach who have co-produced the devilish, exhilarating raptures of Taured the excitement and energy levels are set to stun. Delicate Droids follow with the wonky bass driven Not Fit To Make Tea, while Radio Rental’s robust Deep Lana follows on with more probing, refreshing music. The teasing Acidic tones of Zap Club by A-Eno-Acid then round of the selection with its reference to the Brighton venue. Each track a standout in their own right.

Release: October 12


Delicate Droids – Walk of Shame – Superfreq

Ouch. When the bassline is played on the delightfully titled Where Are My Panties you just know you’re in for trouble. Following up from their debut release all the way back in 2015 Delicate Droids have no shortage when it comes to brilliant titles for tracks. But more on that later. The missing item(s) cleverly has an array of distraught synthesized electronics all jamming together over insistent drums, leaving your mind in a pleasurable disarray of sound. Then, The Room Is Spinning creates an aptly unsettling sequence of events that result in something you will need to hear all for yourself. The self-explanatory I Peed In Your Boot leaves its own indelible impression via twisted Detroit bass and accompanying undulating synth lines which are uncompromisingly sizzling, fusing a strange sense of melody together over nine plus minutes. Excellence.

Release: May 11