Nacho Marco
You Got To Know EP

Valencia’s Nacho Marco delivers three equally cutting tracks for the Madhouse imprint. Starting with the EP’s title which combines fiery off-beat snares and deep bass, along with emotive pads plus synths that all go to tick the big time production box. Love the intensity here which is only fuelled by the held String line towards the end, that and the rousing vocals. Meanwhile, Time supplies more in the way of shuffling rhythms alongside snappy percussion and moody Organ. Leaving, Middays to end in style with sassy Rimshots and delicious 90’s styled keys recreating the perfect atmosphere to complete this great EP.

release: June 9

Electric Lucifer EP

Having recently reviewed their stunning Recollective compilation the duo now release three tracks of their own. And they couldn’t be more appropriate to reflect that album’s variation of sound with each number feeling equally different to the next. The led track, Electric Lucifer drives the vocal into distraction over smouldering beats and Organ accompanied by splashing rush of drums. Thank You Baby, sees Disco-esque inspired keys and sassy percussion feel infectious as the chorus works its way into into the arrangement. With the excellent Big Mo ending on an 80’s note with funky syncopated bass and spacey sound effects sounding very Euro-Discotheque and frankly irresistible.

release: June 9

Eiskaltes Haendchen
Regular Funk Crusher EP
Van Liebling Rec

The most pounding release this week certainly goes to Eiskaltes Haendchen whose excellent percussion fuelled Inflate is hard to beat. It’s a great combination of Latin drums and classic Chicago House that truly fire up the senses when combined with its hypnotic musical loop and pulsating Acid bass. Through, then proceeds to work Detroit electronics into the equation while still retaining the drums funky edge amid the smoky vocal edits.

Wankelmoods Vol.2
Get Physical

Volume Two sounds like the kind of nightclub you could enjoy yourself in. Opening with Ricoshei’s delicately poised ‘Perfect Like You’ and Ian Pooley’s haunting ‘Kids play’ sets the scene for the first ten minutes. Things then step up a gear traversing more progressive electronic sounds before hitting the deeper atmosphere’s of Wankelmut’s own excellent ‘Wood & Wine’. And it’s a that point that music gets seriously involving with contributions from the likes of Adriatique’s disturbingly brilliant ‘Midnight Walking’ and the Siopis remix of Climbers dark masterpiece ‘It’s All I Need’. Neatly ending on Wasted So Much Time feat. John LaMonica is Wankelmut’s new single and again showcases another variation to this compilation.


release: June 6


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Feeling This EP

aaaron‘Feeling this’ may have worked its way into common expression but this latest from Berlin’s Aaaron is anything but clichéd. The title track’s funky percussion and hard-hitting deep bass does the trick very nicely, accompanied of course by that ‘Feeling This’ vocal looping neatly into your subconscious. ‘Oh Snap’ explores a similar formula with voice edits spinning out over percussion heavy grooves, although this time with a friskier edge, leaving Hold It with its bluesy vocals over straight-up House beats and Organ to talk up yet another fine production and release from the label.

release: August 12


Stockings and Champagne

stockings-and-champagneStockings and Champagne has that same vibe that you used to get on Tribal America with fierce drums, vocals and techy stabs all competing for your undivided attention. This second release from Funkoloko does so big time by holding back the anticipation letting the vocal do all the talking over atmospheric synths and insistent rhythms. Play after dark. Matters get even more heavy handed with Casma’s Alternative remix placing its juicy Techno bassline alongside a spacey arrangement that echoes Dub all the way. Next, is Brisboys version which has funky, deep percussion over bouncy rhythms and undulating keys to complement the vocal lines, which actually aren’t quite as sleazy as the title may suggest.

release: September 16


Ivan Latyshev
Evening Avenue
What’s In The Box

Next on the atmospheric tracklist is from Highway Records sub-label What’s In The Box. Produced by St Petersburg resident Ivan Latyshev this pulsating sequence of fuzzy synths and cool, funky drums rapidly ignites the senses with dreamy vocals floating around the arrangement. However, not sure how well the de-tuned spoken vocal works these days, occurring during the breakdown but then proceeding to ease itself nicely into the rhythm. Excellent remix from Sharam Jey whose melodic bassline is irresistible while re-imaging the vocals potential amid intense electronics. Remaining versions are from Arsenii and Timo Camillo with the second’s brooding combination of snappy snares and haunting pads sounding good.


Evan Iff
Faith & Trust
Large Music

evanThe Chicago imprint plays host to Evan Iff for the third time with an inspiring title that should restore your belief via its rousing piano and exulted feelings. I like the ‘musical’ overtones to this production which, yes, references early 90’s American Garage but which also side steps the more obvious sounds – falling into the category of : if it was good then, it’s still good now! Full credit goes to Michelle Owen who adds an imaginative classic Break into the equation giving the chords a more laid back groove that also works particularly well. H&S then ends on a slo-mo tempo accompanied by shuffling organ to round off another notable release.

release: August 26