Guhus – Mahalo EP – Dreamers

The funky shuffle which ignites Elun is soon joined by the warm rush of keys producing a choir of heavenly experience which touches upon being sublime. Thoughtful yet provocative the arrangement chimes with a sense of ambience that pulls on the heartstrings. The heavier The Eternal Sunshine follows in similar vein again feeling serene and is likewise an enticing production of ideas, imagination and purpose.

Release: September 7

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beBe Morias
Keep Thinking Music

Two equally stunning tracks adorn this latest release from Keep Thinking Music and also mark the Brazilian Producers third appearance on the imprint. Love both of these productions, although for me the aptly titled Chaotic Order Of A Dark Mind tips the balance in favour of its tantalizingly, dark rhythms which sequence moody, low-end rushes together with crisp drum programming across a potentially epic arrangement. The title track, Dreamers feels that bit more intense with busier drums and rousing synth lines underpinning more deliciously heavy bass. Either way, excellent music.

Release: November 28