dubspeeka – Garrison – Korpus 9

Korpus 9 is a brand new label emerging from Russia dealing in Techno but for reasons that are beyond me I particularly like the four tracks which make up the imprint debut release. Well actually that’s not quite true. The reason they are great is because they look beyond the more obvious sounds associated with the genre delving into an abyss of grainy atmospherics which conjure all sorts of images. Garrison 1 is aimed at the dancefloor, as are all numbers, while the funkier percussion and rich landscapes of Garrison2 are notably spectacular. 3, strips down to the brutal facts leaving Garrison4 to tease once again with pulsating bass and shuffling snares completing this thoroughly compelling journey.

Release: October 12




Denney & D.Ramirez – Stranger Things – Crosstown Rebels

This sizzling cross-section of pulverising electronics pitches itself perfectly between human expression and machine induced funkiness. Stranger Things, feels every bit like the anthemic number it so obviously is combining words that matter alongside music that points in the right direction. The remix comes care of dubspeeka who tints it with a darker sheen of brooding sound and atmosphere’s while letting the vocal breathe. Afraid, is anything but subtle stamping its bold tempo with Tribal drums and stereo ripping, bass-heavy keys plus a tastefully contrasting sensuous voice.

Release: November 3




Nhar – Unkindled EP – TENAMPA

Another sure-fire release from the Mexican imprint this time sees Frenchman Nhar deliver suitably late-night grooves tinged with Acid, spiked with atmosphere. Unfussy, punchy drums drive it all forward as the undulating electronics add funk to the equation backed-up by tastefully treated voices on the title track. Next is the first class remix from Dubspeeka who adds deeper bass and additional space to the reverberating soundscapes. Contrasting all of the above is Praise The Sun which plays with melody, feeling breezy in the process.

Release: May 29