Frankie Knuckles – The Whistle Song (original Sound Factory demo) – SoSure Music

The Whistle Song conjures up everything that is special about House Music: a sense of belonging to a collective of people whose heart and soul, belief in common purpose, is shared equally. Sometimes it doesn’t always feel like that but on the occasion it does it’s music such as this which truly represents that feeling. Remastered from the original recording made by the tracks initial creator, Eric Kupper it eloquently reaches those same soaring heights of emotion just as it did when it was first released back in 1991. Celebrating Frankie Knuckles Day on August 25th each year, part of the proceeds go to The Frankie Knuckles Foundation so you know this is real.



Holly Johnson
Follow Your Heart

Be interesting to see how many people will be playing the Frankie Knuckles & Eric Kupper Remix of Holly Johnson ‘Follow Your Heart’ (in light of all the recent name checking R.I.P from people who find his style an irrelevance). It’s not ‘Deep’ or ‘Techno’ just full of their timeless trademark sounds which have echoed across the decades by this duo. From Kupper’s elegant keys to Knuckles soaring soulfulness this may well be the final remix to appear under his name. As you can hear below not a lot has changed but, if it ain’t broke! And needless to say the Instrumental version is also flawless. But back to the actual artist, Holly Johnson who sounds as distinct as ever and it’s always a pleasure to hear him especially with this lush backing.

release: 12” July 21 & download July 27


You’ve got to love the nihilism of the title. Indeed, named after the Bristol/ London club night this is the promoter’s debut release which I have to say is seriously excellent. Another, thankfully, hard to classify track which blends darker, drum fuelled elements together with commanding stabs and blissfully twisted camp spoken vocals. Although, if you can’t take the heat then there is always the Dub version.

release: July 14

For The Ones Gone EP
Bikini Tracks

Gorgeous summer sounds from Skylab that fit neatly in-between Disco and Balearic grooves. Set to a mid-tempo shuffle this meandering keyboard driven rhythm has sunshine written all over it complete with vocal touches and just the right amount of funk to dance to. Club Malibu, is more club orientated with faster beats competing against another 80’s styled sample. Pedro Mercado and Derek D then provide the remix which alters the mood making it all the more intriguing with a moodier arrangement of sounds and low-slung bassline.

release: July