Siler – Still A Kid – Popcorn Records

Might be the way the balmy weather this afternoon tunes into the soul however label co-founder Antoine Molkou captures those particular moments beautifully on Saint Eustache. It’s uncomplicated yet perfectly pitched with repeating organ tones underpinning the score of classical instrumentation that lends the production a tasteful, atmospheric sheen – oh, plus the basslines’ gorgeous. Rue Vignon, then contrasts with fiery, punchy snares accompanying a more vigorous bass and quick-fire attitude, while deeper climes are again reached for on Spatial Purim featuring Flabaire which sequences twisted synth lines together with a rich sensation of drums coupled to low-end theory.

Release: September 22




Laura Palmer
Popcorn Rec.

Wallowing in the tedium that passes for tech-house these days (it doesn’t merit capitals) we find ourselves in the company of Flabaire who stands heads above the crowd. You know this within seconds of the Twin Peaks referencing title tack, Laura Palmer. Its pulverising, funky grooves simply ignites the airwaves with the sort of danceable energy that is so often missing these days. And not just because it seems to reference the past but because it feels alive in all sorts of joyous ways. It speaks without the need for actual words through its enticing, warm, human feeling rhythms in a place where the usual tired formula’s and bored expectations can be safely forgotten about. Aubrey, supplies the remix lending a more spacey mood complete with meandering synth lines. Shabbat Jam comes next this time easing down the tempo to a suitable shuffle of nice jazzy-funkiness, leaving the punchy drums and Acid atmospheres of Urquinaona to finish off this great release.

Release: January 6