In My Room

imr17Lifted from the current album ‘Lost’ Trentemøller’s latest standout single fuses a fuzzy sense of gothic with Sune Rose Wagner’s deliciously tempting vocals sounding like starlight has just struck the horizon. Heady guitar’s, piercing violins stabs and brooding synths cover this with a dark sheen which is all too irresistible. Appearing alongside the album mix are two new takes including Trentemøller‘s own Club version which injects some extra percussion into the groove giving it a somewhat sassier rhythm. Unkwon then treat you with another imagining amid a sequence of pulsating electronics and vocal effects paying compliment to the outstanding original.

Craig Smith
Only When It Is Darkest EP

Simmering with the same energetic essence that MAW used to lend their drums this great production from Craig Smith has pounding beats demand your attention as an infusion of jazzy synth stabs hypnotize you. The Phlash Remix adds punchier drums and a treated voiceover to additional piano chords and tech bass resulting in a typically notable remix. The equally tasty Fabio Della Torre version then takes it deeper giving it an almost ambient underscore, with second track Matter Dont Matter ending the EP on a more downtempo note complete with a Balearic twist.

release: May 19

Lerio Corrado
Mystical Heaven EP
Bauns Music

Italian imprint Bauns Music has fittingly releases this great production by Naples DJ Lerio Corrado. And the exiting quality of the title track, Mystical Heaven is that while the beats feel purely Techno the undulating funkiness of the rhythms and (in places) Jazzy synth lines give this a distinct edge that practically breaks free from categorization. Next, So What adds sparky attitude to more expansive bass and whirling electronics, with final track to complete this striking release, Behind The Groove simply getting weirder – that’s a compliment BTW.

release: May 19

Simple EP
Plug Audio

artworks-000077546671-gbklpy-t500x500Providing a taste of what lays in store from their forthcoming album the Polish production duo lay down some very gorgeous Jazzy flavours in anticipation with this EP. Packed full of moods, bass, and horns accompanied by some very snazzy drumming this plays like the soundtrack to one of those perfect summer evenings just around the corner. Standouts include the carnival of sounds that is On The Road and the melancholy strains of the aptly titled Soundtrack – the outstanding video is below.



Tim “love” Lee
‘Fully Bearded: 15 Years of Tummy Touch in Dub’
Tummy Touch Records

f**king lovely. I couldn’t care less whether this is post something, past something else, or indeed pre anything before it. This music makes you feel it’s fun to be alive and if you’re into growling bass guitars and heavy fx then look no further, you have found nirvana. Of course this much more than mere noise – people are singing too – as dub versions of all and sundry from the previous fifteen years of Tummy Touch gets remodeled and reinvented. Artists include Tom Vek, Phenomenal Handclap Band, Groove Armada and the excellent Circuits, Dubbing At Dawn amongst many significant others. This is joy from start to end. Tune in.    9.5


In My Room

Released on Trentmoller’s own label this selection of self-penned, remixes and remixed by others represents the cross section of the artists’ inspired journeys through sound. A trip that is at times danceable and at others plainly provocative. Try his take on UNCLE ‘The Answer’ whose haunting piano and edgy electronic treatments are hard to surpass, or Weatherall’s off-kilter version of Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! for a taste of what’s in store. The range expands the possibilities between Franz Ferdinand to Depeche Mode who all get made over in one way or another. There are certainly plenty of stunning moments to behold over this two disc set and it would be easier to say what doesn’t stand out as opposed to what does. The effortlessly sublime instrumental version of Tide being a case in point. 9


Gregory Porter
‘1960 What?’ (The remixes)
Motema Music

Nothing like a touch of jazz to blow the blues away and right from the second that double bass plays you know you’re in stylish company – even the title is a question of cool. This song is actually saying something to fire up your imagination as the horns blare and ride cymbals punctuate the rhythm, 1960 What? fits into any time frame as styled by Wicked Jazz Sounds’ Phil Horneman. The album, Water has been Grammy nominated in 2011 and the song now appears with further remixes: Opolopo add a four-four shuffle to the affair; Peas filter it over an infectious click track.  8


Scott Harrack
‘Finding The One’
Love Not Money

Brand new label from Leeds who open with this notable release from Scott Harrack. Peculiar Girl begins with a twangy bass guitar and ends up in an explosion of emotion via neatly placed vocals and shimmering synths. Privileges, feels deceptively moodier with classic techno bass complimented by jazzy percussion and cool trumpet, although as the vocal snippets and chords work themselves together this feels decidedly breezy. She’s Something, continues to pick up the pace with warped organs and a clash of vocals, which you may be able to decipher from the early nineties. Sentimental Thoughts, darkens the mood with an impressively emotive production which again throws up a succession of clever ideas. Wishes, then finishes off by seductively dropping the tempo and replaying a classy boogie sample over easy-paced beats.   8


‘Slow Down EP’
Deep Edition Recordings

Excellent release from Hamburg’s Cram who neatly blends together three uber slices of funkiness for Deep Edition. Opening with Compose You A Tune which reworks a familiar sample in a creative way as this mid-paced groover proves hard not to fall in love with, while the slightly more suspicious sounding Make You Do Wrong sprinkles yet more Disco dust over heavy filtered bass and some classic vocal from the Reverend Green. Leaving the Wonder inspired Bring It Down to fire up Stevie’s electric piano in truly inspired fashion, and is something that will strike an instant chord with you. 9