Javi Bora – RAW – Too Many Rules

So ok, a brand new label launched onto the world by Javi Bora. And it’s called Too Many Rules, which in my book sounds about the perfect estimation. The music, as the title indicates, provides sizzling, edgy House Music. The kind you want served up just at the right moment. The kind to get lost in. The excellent, Chicago begins by sequencing a Disco past, yet mangles it all up in the blend, with forceful drums plus chugging basslines informing a positive future. Huxley is on hand to reconstruct the intention, dropping much of the disco while adding a bit more tech, bar the drop which stabs right where it hurts. The title track, RAW then rolls out hot basslines alongside frisky, nervy drums which enviably climax out of all proportion. This time it’s Davina Moss who delivers a techier take and once again delivers a fevered set of rhythms to ignite the dancefloor.

Buy https://www.beatport.com/release/raw/2325415




Justin Harris & blondewearingblack – Remember EP – MFF (Music For Freaks)

Music has that innate ability to transport you somewhere else. In one place and time that’s back to the 1990’s at some random point in the evening with music just like this pounding away. Perhaps it is the fact that Remember is musical, featuring an actual song that provokes that sense of past times. Maybe it’s just that it is a good record. Either way the playful bass and punchy drums do all the work as brilliant, occasional keys add that extra something on the original version. The remix comes from Javi Bora & IAAM who add a more brutal kick to their arrangement, while the essence remains intact care of the vocals touches providing a more open Dub feel. Eggshells In The Ghetto, then simmers with Acid tension as the vocal once again adds spice to the sequence amid fiery snares and deep intention. Fine times.

Release: March 23