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  • junk-E-cat – Music Talks To Me – Mutterkomplex

    junk-E-cat’s smoky combination of delicious Jazzy intonation alongside uncomplicated drums and Treaturette’s captivating vocals score a big plus with this release. Also the fact that just one version is all that’s required to speak volumes is likewise highly desirable. The message is in the music…. Release: June 19 https://www.instagram.com/junk_e_cat

  • junk-E-Cat Q&A

    Welcome to Magazine Sixty. You have just performed at Melt Festival. What was that experience like? And can you tell us about the team of people that assisted you and their roles in the performance?  The experience was quite overwhelming. Getting the opportunity to perform three sets at such a special festival and getting such…

  • junk-E-cat – KREATUR EP – Mutterkomplex

    Let’s think of some words to describe this debut: Strange, haunting, spell-binding, alluring, wonderful. All of which are true as junk-E-cat’s brilliant concoction of sights and sounds illuminates the landscape with smoky horizons. Each of the five tracks feels like a story in itself, each offering different duration, each adding unique angles to the given…