Pablo Bolivar – Back Door EP – Peppermint Jam

Harking back to good times, although containing a definite sting in the tail, is this latest from Pablo Bolivar. Combining grainy drums with the soothing, soulful voice of John Vermont creates a sense of excitable anticipation but with the added edge of gritty feeling synthesisers the production is lifted up a gear. Ian Pooley then provides two remixes both adding a rougher interpretation with his Bassline Dub getting particularly frisky via nasty bass plus sizzling drum machines. Leaving additional tracks: Awake again featuring those breathy vocals of John Vermont, and the brisk dancefloor notation of killer standout Back Door to complete the picture via a splash of tense, atmospheric colour amid an old time rush of harmony.


Pablo Bolivar – Hideaway EP – Endless

O.K. so not only is this a great piece of electronically inspired music but it also boasts intriguing cover art to lose yourself in. Dahnser, sets the pulses racing first care off suitably gritty drum programming, although perhaps more importantly for the purposes of this review are the richly emotive synth lines that appear as if out of nowhere but are so very finely tuned to cause maximum impact. Hideaway, occurs next with more probing notation this time feeling just that bit more urgent though no less rewarding either musically or emotionally.

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