POPOF Q&A (Hot Creations/ Form Music)

Your new single for Hot Creations: Lidl Girl feat. Arno Joey is the third to be lifted from you album: Love Somebody’. What’s the story behind how you teamed up with the label and how important has it been for you to work with such a notable imprint?IMG_8412popof4

I composed about thirty tracks, some of which were made in collaboration with my vocalist, Arno Joey, and then sent some to Hot Creations. They responded quite positively so, afterwards, we all sat together and selected what we estimated were the right tracks in order to come up with a full album. It’s obviously a great honor for me to have released my album on this label, because I both respect them immensely and really appreciate them on a personal basis.

Can you talk us through how you produced the track – including any favourite software/ hardware you used – and what was the inspiration behind it?

For this specific track, I started building the rhythmic on Cubase. Then I added the catchy melody that holds the track together from beginning to end. Afterwards, I added the bass, the keyboards, the vocals and the effects. I used Virus TI for almost every single sound on this track.

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How did you get to choose such an impressive line-up of remixers for the single!?!

Well, to be honest my manager, Ghayath Dakroub, did all the work! He worked very hard and very professionally for me to get the best remixers available.

Your music is much more varied than a lot of artists. Who are your biggest influences, both within Dance music and outside of it?

Outside electronic music, I tremendously love vocal jazz, hip-hop and funk music. I’m very open-minded musically, as is reflected by my music. I really think every single musical genre has something good to offer.


How would you describe the electronic music scene in Paris at the moment?

For me, the Parisian scene is getting better and better at the moment, it’s been evolving positively. I’ve seen lots of new dynamic promoters emerge and great, unusual, places open – a nice change from the usual clubs or festivals. The scene’s expanding and I’m thrilled.

As you DJ worldwide is there a sense that clubs are being replaced by festivals, if so, is that a good thing?

Clubs and festivals are two radically different things so I really think we need both! They each have their own vibes and atmospheres and for me both are important and necessary.

Can you tell us about any future plans for a follow-up album, or playing Live etc?IMG_8448popof3

I am currently working on new tracks as well as future collaborations, production-wise. As for my Live performances I’m working on a back-to-back project with Julian Jeweil for this summer.







Reviews: 155

FP-Oner (aka Fred P)
mule musiq

In one of those revelatory moments Fred P literally transports your mind, body and soul into the cosmos care off this electrifying set of sonically charged, teasing jazziness. The Soul People Music head begins a trilogy of releases with this album, under his FP-Oner guise, for Toshiya Kawasaki’s Tokyo based label and is quite simply extraordinary. With reassuring titles such as ‘In The Mist Of Sunrise’ and ‘Cycles of Life’ you can expect music that probes and searches rather than merely functions as dancefloor fodder. Indeed 5 exists on so many different planes that you could become exhausted trying to figure them all out. Suffice to say you could listen to this album anywhere, most probably at any time, and it would always say something to you. If you’re not afraid of chord progressions or funky, soulful meanderings then try the exceptional ‘The Law Of Correspondence’ if nothing else today and get amazed.

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Love Somebody
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Achieving the accolade of the label’s fourth artist album Alexandre Paounov AKA delivers a set of finely tuned gems for your pleasure. Flitting between breezy melodies and darker moods, Love Somebody sounds just about right for 2015 capturing smouldering intensity on Your Eyes, while opening via the bouncy rhythms of Words Gone feat. Arno Joey. That playful funkiness continues on Get Together and is contrasted again by the demanding peak-time beats of I Want U, striking a neat balance between styles and flavours on what is essentially a most rewarding listen.

Release: June 29



Brummie Blagger
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Brought to my attention care off the Blagger himself this four track release for Supersexy captures the essence of pumping House Music and delivers it loud and clear into your stereo. Can’t Stop Now fuses Detroit bass together with Chicago Acid accompanied by suitably feverish vocal edits. Next, the bizarrely titled Blagger Rids The World Of Evil Vampers hits you with Todd Terry styled stabs amid plenty of attitude, while third and standout number Keep The Peace gets frisky with the percussion, leaving Blag On Mars to replay familiar synths over fizzy hi-hats and awkward beats. Consider yourself blagged.