PRSNT – Modern Obscure Music

This is the soundtrack to the accompanying Art Book featuring a collection of writers and photographers thinking thoughts while encouraging you to do likewise. Feeling tantalisingly provocative, radically anti-reactionary, in fact Anti a whole bunch of things this collection of Art, Words and Music defiantly proves the point that what is said, seen and done can result in things changing, altering for the better of all. I guess it’s just hard to see the wood for the trees a lot of the time. Commenting on the nature of society and ways in which we consume material the project was devised by Created by Us and the Barcelona-based label Modern Obscure Music. In terms of sound each track ends around the thirty second mark resulting in the very modern sensation of wanting more, and then more. This in itself causes you to pause, to consider time, to question our over-indulgence?

Listening to the whole is an essential part of the process here, reminding me of that almost ancient act of daring to play an album the whole way through. No stop/ start, no checking your feed, no distraction. Which is almost a revolution in itself right now. Pieces are produced via a cross-section of styles, moods and imagination by twelve artists including in no particular order: Laurie Spiegel, Ryuichi Sakamoto alongside Visible Cloaks and Kelman Duran. From the tastefully haunting to more dangerously sonic this series of ideas are rapidly suggested, expanded, and then just as quickly as they arrived collapsed into the next electronic impulse. The use of the repeat play button is mandatory.

Release: April 16


Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto – TWO – NOTON

Escaping the structures of modern life these unfolding moments of blissful intensity serve more than one purpose. Musically they expand horizons seeking out new escapes, sonically the rich seam of drone infused pulses sound unlike everything you’re going to be hearing anywhere else. This album is the performance the esteemed artist/ musicians gave at the Sydney Opera House in 2018. The proactive, improvised nature of it all lends the music a guessing at what the next moment might produce, unveiling, surprising you in equal measure. It’s not all waves of motion though, try the sheer elegance generated by PROPHO and its fuzzy, synthesised envelopes of emotive sound for a brutal impact on the senses. Elsewhere the delicate piano of BERLIN seers haunting impressions on the mind, while the grainy ambience of THE REVENANT THEME (from Alejandro González Iñárritu’s hit film) completes this daring, fractious realisation that life and music also exists in a world outside of itself.

Release: November 15