Black Light Smoke – Nothing Makes Me Feel (Good Anymore) – Scissor & Thread

Reasons to be optimistic. Casting memory back to a distant past sees producer Black Light Smoke conjure up all sorts of eloquent and emotionally resonate sounds in the process, which you may or may not already be well acquainted with. However, this is not so much a journey backwords as this very much feels here and now tuning into the grainy shades that populate modern day culture. Which are in turn reflected back by the blurred production style. Incorporating a diverse set of musical influences, asserting themselves across the numbers, lends it all a playful feeling as vocals are chopped and twisted such as on the eighties flavoured The Right way, while remaining more soulful on the 90’s styled, organ bassline driven title. Golden Chairs ends with a nod to classic Detroit yet remains mangled, as ever, through Black Light Smoke’s imagination resulting in this distinctive yet reassuringly familiar set of tracks.

Release: September 6


Francis Harris – ‘Minor Forms’ EP – Scissor & Thread

Founding member of the Scissor & Thread imprint, Francis Harris delivers two exquisitely cutting arrangements in the shape of More We Cannot Do and Minor Forms. The former heightens a sense of circumstance via repeating loops pf teasing, unnerving sounds that tantalise your senses against a backdrop of playful percussion until the energy is released at breakdown point. The later breathes jazzier notation into undulating rhythms pushing and expanding temptations, indulging in breezy trumpet led melodies in the process. Valentino Mora then delivers two remixes of Minor Forms transforming the concept with robust kick drums on the Underwater Rephrase version, while the Cosmic Trans Rephrase explores deeper climbs feeling rather lush and reassuringly blissful.

Release: February 23


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Bob Moses
The Far From The Tree EP
Scissor & Thread

COVER_SAT0012_PRI love music that sounds like this: moody, with a touch of melancholy and low-slung to the point of distraction. If that fits your bill then the New York duo’s breathy sequence of haunting instrumentation and restrained, yet tantalising vocals is just for you. The arrangements are unhurried and thoroughly captivating with the maximum emotion wrenched from each of the uncomplicated sounds such as on the hypnotic title track. Although, it’s not all quite like that as the much punchier Interloper goes to prove. But then again, the following Stealing Fire sets a first rate vocal delivery against a sea of guitar and occasional pulsating kicks to superb effect, suggesting the key to the EP’s many subtle strengths. The gorgeous and obviously apt Winters Song ends on a thoughtful syncopation which I only wish would have been the completion of a long playing album instead.

release: September 23


Renato Ratier  featuring Pillow Talk
Home Boys
D-Edge Records

homeThe second time I played this I fell under its spell. Of course the mere fact that Pillow Talk add their distinctive voices to the punchy array of beats, beats and funky keys only confirms the invitation. However, that’s not to take away from this inventive collection of notes and riffs which keep you engaged throughout the listen. So keeping the theme Brazilian is Dubshape who’s entrancing and deeper version blends cool, organ sounds together with swirling ambience to only heighten the impact of the vocals. Next is Sweet Home with moodier Rhodes and infectious drums providing a tasteful backdrop, once again, to Pillow Talk’s smouldering words. The release comes before an album so looking forward to hearing that too.

release: September 21


Boulder Love
Boulder Love

boldFour new tracks form this latest from the associated Black Booby stable. Opening with Loose and almost nine minutes of blissful House Music that gets Deep (without the usual cliques) proving itself to be a sure-fire way of getting your attention. This simmers with tension via its smoky chords and drums alongside emotive vocals snippets and shimmering synths. Alternatively, Keep On gets nasty with relentless beats and bubbling Acid undertones testing out your endurance just like it used to. While, Never Knew returns to deeper climbs as hesitant percussion offsets atmospheric pads and classic Chicago styled vibes perfectly. Last the sleazier, excellent Acid infused T.T.T teases you until the very end.