Fred P – Construction EP – Stranger In The Night

There are certain producers you can reply upon to create music that’s satisfies on more than one level, escaping what defines the ordinary. Fred P is one such being that is never reticent to challenge. His Construction EP doesn’t any point feel workmanlike but soulfully heightened to the point of distraction. Each carefully crafted number on this release sees different aspects of sound and mood explored in numerous ways. From the strident opener, Stranger In The Night with its fiery Techno drums plus pumping attitude through to the ethereal, For The Dome and its atmospheric pads neatly contrasted by an array of sizzling drum machines. The thirst for knowledge is quenched.

Release: March 6


King Britt presents Sraddha – Believe EP – Stranger In The Night

It’s records like this that get you refreshed and excited all over again as Dance Music’s electronic soul gets revitalised, injecting fresh sound and ideas into the equation. Believe, twists grainy synthesized sounds through a subtle Acid mangle while pulsating drums leaving you in little doubt. The keys then take centre stage via an excellent No Drums version, leaving remaining numbers: Memories and You’re All I Need to explore deeper themes with indelible impressions always and forever present.

Release: June 7


Radio Slave – Ground Control / Last Communication – Stranger In The Night

Focusing on four artists and their work, Stranger In The Night is the brand new escapade from Radio Slave’s Matt Edwards and this forms its first release. Ground Control sets the controls via a blistering, earthy workout in brute electrical force, rhythmic signatures and an abundance of soul. Punctuating keys drive home eighties influenced Detroit melodies amid heady hand-claps, plus a pulsating array of tough kicks on the opening number. Then comes the contrasting sensuality of Last Communication channelling more organic feeling instrumentation through emotionally heightened sounds, which simply chime with perfection.

Release: May 3