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Smiley Fingers 100
Smiley Fingers

smileyIf you’re not already acquainted with the joys of Smiley Fingers then here is the reason to do so. Celebrating some three years of existence and their one hundredth release the London based imprint fires through its succession of heavy-duty grooves in fine style with this compilation. Kicking off with the sassy funk of Larry Cadge & Rick Sanders – Niagara the selection includes productions from the aforementioned, Dave Seaman & Andy Chatterley and Mobius Strum, with remixes from the calibre of Pezzner and Tapesh. Typifying the labels distinctive flavour is the killer Lopazz & Casio Casino Remix of Adam Helder’s ‘Sticks and Stones’ which ticks all the necessary boxes in-between House and Techno rather handsomely.

release: October 14



Disclosure feat. London Grammar
Help Me Lose My Mind

disYet another single lifted from the album, the fifth in fact! sees Disclosure once again display their effortless cool, although that is in no small measure down to Hannah Reid’s ethereal vocal. What’s new here however is Paul Woolford’s piano driven House reworking that you just know is going to score big. But despite the vocal actually suiting the album mix best it’s his Dub version which sounds prime-time and anthemic with its juicy bassline backing up all those the rousing keys.


Matt Tolfrey feat Marshall Jefferson
The Truth

LEFT042You could say, where would House Music be without Marshall Jefferson? And there is certainly every possibility that the shape of the music may have been different without his input in 1986. So it’s interesting to hear his own words describe how he sees it, reflecting back from 2012 when this track formed part of Tolfrey’s album, ‘Word of Mouth’. Now receiving a release in its own right the pulsating electronics sound just as vibrant and now come with a set new remixes. Firstly from Jon Charnis who drops the vocal and rebuilds the music with moodier atmosphere’s that have a spell binding edge. And from Gerd aka Geeeman who’s excellent thumping Acid drenched version instantly strikes a chord with Marshall’s spoken word.

release: October 21


Big Hard Excellent Fish
And The Question Remains
One Little Indian

Watch! the follow-up to 1989’s ‘Imperfect List’ poses a fresh set of questions for our age, and makes for completely compelling viewing. Credit due to Ian C’s haunting production and Josie Jones challenging words.


Matt Tolfrey (Leftroom)

Matt Tolfrey selects and talks us through some of the music that has influenced him over the years.

In no particular order…

Schmoov! – Playground – DiY Discs

I used to go and see Schmoov! play live every Thursday at a bar/club called Dogma and it really opened my eyes to how dance music can be performed in a live situation.  The album ‘While You Wait’ that this track is taken from is one of my favourites in this genre, it is so great to be able to listen to an album of such high quality from start to the very finish.

Rae and Christian – Time To Shine – Grand Central

Taken from their album Northern Sulphuric Soul from 1998, this is easily my favourite Rae & Christian song.  So intense, but not in your face at the same time.

Aim – Cold Water Music – Grand Central

This track got me through some lonely nights when i first went to university in Nottingham.  Seeing him live there was next level.

Massive Attack – Unfinished Symphany – EMI

This is an obvious choice i know, but the reason for that is it is a timeless piece of music and i don’t know many people that would not include this in their top ten tracks of all time.

Bushwacka! – Herbal – Plank

I remember this from a Layo and Bushwacka! Ibiza Cheese Free mix which came free with Muzik mag all those years ago, it is probably my favourite mix cd ever to listen to.  I also remember Craig Richards playing this in room one at Fabric at one of the first birthdays there and it tore the place to pieces!!!  No one does breaks like Bushwacka!

Two To The Power – Soul 4 Love – Oblong

This was one of the tracks on Oblong that did not get played out very much so i really made it my own when i used to play at the Bomb in Nottingham.  Both sides are great.

Herbert – You Saw It All – Accidental

It’s hard to pick a Herbert track as there are so many that i love.  The vocal in this is great and it really sets my mind at ease when i am stressed.  The guy is a living legend, probably one of the few people that if i met i wouldn’t say anything to out of pure fear of saying something stupid.

The Ananda Project feat Gaelle Adisson – Cascades Of Colour (Danny Tenaglia edit of Saffron Mix) – Variation

One of my favourite remixes of all time.  Simple.

Raff ‘N’ Freddy – Listen – Pschent

I remember Sasha playing this on Space Terrace and it completely blew my mind.  I still play it today when the time is right.

Simon – Free at Last (Vocal) – Future Dreams

This is the track that most reminds me of the Bomb in Nottingham.  When i first started going there in 2000 this was played every weekend, often the Dub, but i can’t find a youtube link for that.  I have also heard this blasting out of the speakers at Panorama over the last couple of years.